Swedish coming-of-age film SHE MONKEYS gets UK dvd release.

posted 18 Apr 2013, 06:15 by Julian Whiting

ImageSHE MONKEYS (12A) 2012 SWEDEN  ASCHAN,  LISA    £15.99
When shy, timid Emma (Mathilda Paradeiser) joins an equestrian gymnastics team, she is taken under the wing of the more experienced, headstrong Cassandra (Linda Molin). The two become friends, and later, as Emma turns out to have a strong talent for the sport, rivals.

As Cassandra struggles to maintain her psychological control of Emma, a power struggle ensues and the stakes get higher and higher.

In Swedish with English subtitles

DVD available to buy at –  http://www.worldonlinecinema.com/Home/scandinavian-films-on-dvd

Review – http://www.thefword.org.uk/reviews/2011/10/she_monkeys