Serbian comedy drama – THE PARADE – out on dvd

posted 25 Jun 2013, 04:57 by Julian Whiting

ParadeTHE PARADE (15) 2011 SERBIA      DRAGOJEVIC, SRDJAN    £15.99
    Serbian comedy drama. Forever under threat from homophobic right wing groups, gay couple Mirko (Goran Jevtic) and Radmilo (Milos Samolov) are forced to live a discreet personal life in Belgrade. In addition to his wedding planning business, Mirko is also an activist for gay rights in Serbia and is campaigning to hold a pride parade in the capital even though a parade held ten years previously resulted in violent bloodshed.

With the police reluctant to protect another such event, Mirko and Radmilo enlist the help of Serbian war veteran and personal security company manager Limun (Nikola Kojo). Although Limun has ties with homophobic groups and is at first weary of protecting homosexuals, an agreement is made so long as Mirko agrees to organise his wedding to beauty parlour owner and fiancée Biserka (Hristina Popovic).

In Serbian with English subtitles

DVD available to buy  – http://www.worldonlinecinema.com/Home/russian-and-eastern-european-films-on-dvd