Marco Berger’s Argentinian film – HAWAII – available on dvd

posted 2 Jul 2014, 12:06 by Julian Whiting

HawaiiHAWAII (18) ARGENTINA 2013 BERGER, MARCO £15.99 

Martin and Eugenio (Manuel Vignau and Mateo Chiarino), two former childhood friends who reunite during a hot summer in the Argentinean countryside. As they work together to restore Eugenio s summer home, a game of power and desire ensues forcing the two buddies to grapple with their sexual attraction and reconsider their relationship in this intimate character study that pushes past social boundaries.

In Spanish with English subtitles.

Available to buy at – http://www.worldonlinecinema.com/Home/spanish-latin-american-films-on-dvd