Marcel Carne’s – LE JOUR SE LEVE – re-issued on dvd

posted 11 Nov 2014, 03:08 by Julian Whiting

Le Jour Se

LE JOUR SE LEVE (PG) FRANCE 1939 CARNÉ, MARCEL £17.99Marcel Carné directs this classic French romantic drama starring Jean Gabin. François (Gabin), a factory worker, has love affairs with a flower girl, Françoise (Jacqueline Laurent), and a performer, Clara (Arletty), both of whom have been involved with seedy, older man Valentin (Jules Berry). When the two men come face-to-face a jealous François ends up killing Valentin.

As the police close in on him, François barricades himself in a small room, going over the events which led him into such desperate straits.

In French with English subtitles