Hal Hatley’s comedy – THE UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH – out on dvd

posted 28 May 2013, 00:26 by Julian Whiting

Unbelievable TruthTHE UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH (15) 1990USA      HARTLEY, HAL      DVD – £15.99  BLU-RAY – £19.99
Romantic comedy from Hal Hartley in his directorial debut. Audry (Adrienne Shelly) is a Long Island teenager beset with worries – college, parents, nuclear war – and frustrated by small-town life. When mysterious Josh (Robert Burke) arrives and goes to work as a mechanic for Audry’s father, she feels overwhelmingly attracted to him, despite town rumours that he’s a murderer.

DVD available to buy at – http://www.worldonlinecinema.com/Home/new-english-language-films-on-dvd