Brazilian filmmaker Marcos Prado’s – ARTIFICIAL PARADISES – issued on dvd

posted 5 Sept 2013, 12:55 by Julian Whiting

Artificial ParadisesARTIFICIAL PARADISES (15) 2012  BRAZIL    PRADO , MARCOS    IN
Brazilian counter-culture drama. Set against the Brazilian underground party scene and electro music festivals, the film follows ex-drug runner Nando (Luca Bianchi) and single mother and professional DJ Erika (Nathalia Dill) as they weave in and out of each other’s lives. Although the two meet on three separate occasions, they are not aware of their previous encounters through their use of drugs at each event.

But will the pair finally realise that fate is conspiring to bring them together or will they continue to meander aimlessly through life with no recollection of the other’s existence?

In Portuguese with English subtitles

DVD available at – https://sites.google.com/site/worldonlinecinema/Home/spanish-latin-american-films-on-dvd

Interview – spotlights on the Brazilian middle class. Director Marcos Prado reveals the new brazil. – http://www.chorusandecho.com/articles/view/spotlights-on-the-brazilian-middle-class-director-marcos-prado-reveals-the-new-brazil_72057