16 disc limited edition of JACQUES RIVETTE COLLECTION released

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The collection brings together some of the director’s hardest to see works, each restored, newly translated and deputing on home video for the first time in UK. Features – Out 1: noli me tangere (1971) , Out 1: Spectre (1974), Duelle (une quarantaine) (1976), Noroît (une vengeance) (1976) and Merry-Go-Round (1981)

In French with English subtitles

Features –

Out 1: noli me tangere (1971)

Conceived as a thirteen-hour television mini-series consists of eight feature-length episodes revolving around two theatre troupes, blackmail and conspiracy.

Out 1: Spectre (1974)

A four-and-a-half-hour shorter version of Out 1 (1971),

Duelle (une quarantaine) (1976)

Fantasy in which the Queen of the Sun (Bulle Ogier) battles the Queen of the Night (Juliet Berto) over a magical diamond that will allow the winner to remain on Earth, specifically in modern day Paris.

Noroît (une vengeance) (1976)

A series of dream like vignettes about a grieving sister getting revenge on those who killed her brother.
Merry-Go-Round (1981)

A young woman reuniting with a former boyfriend in this surreal all Rivette’s mystery .

Limited Edition Collection [3,000 Copies]

High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentation of all films from brand new 2K restorations of the films with Out 1 supervised by cinematographer Pierre-William Glenn

Original mono audio (uncompressed PCM on the Blu-rays)

Optional newly-translated English subtitles for all films

The Mysteries of Paris: Jacques Rivette’s Out 1 Revisited – a brand-new feature length documentary by Robert Fischer and Wilfried Reichart containing interviews with actors

Bulle Ogier, Michael Lonsdale and Hermine Karagheuz, cinematographer Pierre-William Glenn, assistant director Jean-François Stévenin and producer Stéphane Tchalgadjieff, as well as rare archival interviews with actors Jacques Doniol-Valcroze and Michel Delahaye, and director Jacques Rivette

Scenes from a Parallel Life: Jacques Rivette Remembers – archive interview with the director, in which he discusses Duelle (une quarantaine), Noroît (une vengeance) and Merry-Go-Round, featuring additional statements from Bulle Ogier and Hermine Karagheuz

Brand-new interview with critic Jonathan Rosenbaum, who reported from the sets of both Duelle (une quarantaine) and Noroît (une vengeance).

Exclusive perfect-bound book containing new writing on the films by Mary M. Wiles, Brad Stevens, Ginette Vincendeau and Nick Pinkerton

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